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About Us

How did it all get started?

the Founder of the website saw a painting one day called "City Centre" and fell in love with it instantly. The unique style of British Northern Art was fascinating.

This style became an obsession specially after researching into the original masters like LS Lowrey and Fred Yates, and before we knew it, a collection of over 250 original paintings was accumalated from various flourshing UK artists.. today

Upon sharing this unique collection online, people from all walks of life started contacting us, some local based artists wanted to share and display their work, which prompted the creation of this unique website, that will serve as a platform for all artists and collectors in Qatar.

Qatar Collections was transformed from a home based hobby to a working website.


Our Mission & Vision

An important challenge for us is to seek out talented local artists, collectors, family based businesses and other unique speciality stores at the start of their journey. To create an online community to display and share their work. We have also created the eStore feature designed to showcase collections with higher exposure. is operated and powered by Portal Web Services WLL in Doha, State of Qatar.