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Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy Art

Item No. 43474

Ammar Yasser

Ammar Yasser Alabousy

Price: 8,500 QR

Paintings, Calligraphy

Tel: 44865201

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Calligraphy Art by talented Iraqi artist Ammar.

Ammar is based in Doha Qatar.

This is a Calligraphy Acrylic painting by artist Ammar Yasser Al Abousy.

The Third line is a kind of Arabic fonts , appeared for the first time in the fourth century.

It is the most difficult of Arabic fonts in terms of rules and Almoizian, which is characterized by flexibility, durability and versatility of installation authoring.

size 120 x 70 cm

For more details, please call Ammar on 44865201 or use contact form below.

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