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Falcon, Mandala Wall Clock

Falcon, Mandala Wall Clock
Falcon, Mandala Wall Clock Created By Calin Madescu Posted By Calin Madescu

Falcon, Mandala Wall Clock

Item No. 47847

Calin Madescu

Calin Madescu

Price: 150 QR

Paintings, Other Paintings

Tel: 33680699

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Handmade Mandala Wall Clock

Make a unique gift for any occasion

I bring the exact same dedication to quality, creativity, and craftsmanship to these small works of art as I do for my large format gallery pieces

Hand-painted dot mandala wooden wall clock is painted with acrylic paint using gold and shades of white.

This clock is sprayed with a lacquer finish to preserve the color and add a shine.

Size 30cm

It has been created using only Artist Quality Paints

Original Paintings by Calin Madescu

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