How can I start displaying my items on the website?
You must first REGISTER and pay the relevant fees, then you will receive an email letting you know your account is activated so you can LOG IN with your username & password and start uploading your products..

How can I create new categories for uploading?
As soon as your images are ready, please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.

How many items can I upload to display?
There is no limit, you can upload as many items as you like.

Why can't I see all my uploaded items?
Qatar collections team constantly review all uploads, and feel free to delete items that are found unsuitable. For example duplicated items, incorrect additional images, inappropraite images, etc...
if you feel your deleted items should be displayed, please CONTACT US to discuss.
Does Qatar Collections ask for commission?
There is absolutely no commission. That's what makes us special, we don't believe in this concept at all and never will.
What is an eStore?
An eStore provides you the following:
  • Your own eStore logo which appears in all pages of the website, Home page & all Category pages which is linked to your eStore page
  • Request your own sub categories
  • Get a free personalised domain that can redirect traffic to your eStore or Facebook Page
  • Upload your video on Qatar Collections Youtube Channel with link under each of your items.
  • Regular posts of your products on Qatar Collections rapidly growing Facebook Page & Instagram..

Example of eStore on our website: Aisha Fashion World

How can I create my own eStore?
Please contact us for full details of Qatar Collections requirements.

How does Qatar Collections benefit?
The joy of Qatar Collections came from creating the first website of its kind in Qatar and seeing it expand without limits.
We are passionate about sharing your story, increase the knowledge of people about you.
We would love to inspire your creativity, honor your artistic endeavoures and serve you and your family to create content that educates and leads people worldwide to see your hard work.
Want to join Qatar Collections team?
Please submit this FORM.